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What is Bloglovin and how can it be useful for you?

Bloglovin is a site where you could follow people’s blog; there are a lot of different blogs that you could follow about different things such as lifestyle, fashion, sports etc. Until today they have so many followers on their site and according to their CEO Joy Marcus, the site itself would keep on advancing by including new features that could be enjoyed by their casual or even fanatic followers progressively. The website itself would under-go on big changes including new outlook of the site itself and new social abilities in hoping to even get more followers joining their site.

Most of the followers could follow the writers that they like, or even just a particular topic that they want to follow in Bloglovin. So everything is up to them to decide without any particular blogs or which writers they want to follow. The team of the website itself has concluded by doing some researches in the past, that followers these days rather follow the trending topic rather than following the writers themselves. To increase the experience of their followers, the site itself has redesigned their view of the site to make followers more comfortable and relaxed in using their site easily. If you see from the old and new pages, maybe you won’t see changes that are too dramatic but really they are trying to make the blogs that have been submitted by writers have more followers in the future.

All of the blogs that have been submitted by writers also have their pages re-designed to view how many of their followers “like” their blogs. For the blog writers themselves, this could be some sort of view in how many people like the contents of their posts and blogs, and for the readers this could be some sort of chance to identify other users with similar likes because of the blog contents. Joy also compared Bloglovin to Tumblr, where in that other site the users mostly would only re-post pictures that have already been posted by others to be some sort of ways for them to express themselves.

Bloglovin would be the first platform for people to be able to do that because most of their users are not limited in following specific publication in specific platform (just like what people usually do in Tumblr). In the end, Joy have also predicted that the site’s user that has reached up to about 4.7 million people active monthly have about 10% of them that are really active, and the rest of the 90% that is really casual users that follows particular trends like fashion or they just want to know what is in trend or popular these days.
If you decide to follow people’s blogs in Bloglovin, every time they have a new blog updated on their page you would get a notification through your e-mail so you could check them out. There is two ways to create a user account for their site, one is logging in through Facebook, and the other is to create and setup a new login through their site itself. Once you create an account or use your Facebook to login, you would be one step closer in following your favorite blogs and also discover new ones in the process. In this site, you would definitely be able to find all your favorite blogs all in one place.

Other than following other people’s blogs, you would be able to also submit your own blogs if you feel like writing about anything. You would be surprised to find there might be others that have the same interest as you are and they might also follow your blogs in return. Since this work vice versa, you would be able to state what-ever it is that is inside your mind, and also discover new trends in fashion, beauty, food, interior design and other things that are hot right now right in front of your eyes. When their blogs are updated in Bloglovin, with the notice you get in your e-mail you would know straight away when there is new feed in the blogs that you are following.

Bloglovin would also work perfectly if you decide to view them on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablets. They also have a lot of support from their help and feedback center for your questions, and even after all that you still encounter problems in running the application through on your mobile phone or tablets, you could always submit a ticket to their customer service that is ready to help you with your problems for example, if your application keeps on crashing on your phone/tablets, if they don’t show individual blogs or blogs that you follow etc.
You would be able to easily find blogs with the category that Bloglovin has provided such as art, beauty, design, DIY & crafts, entertainment, family, fashion, film, music, books, food & drink, home décor, men’s fashion, lifestyle, photography, street-style, travel, and wedding. So all the blogs don’t just cluster everywhere and by having them categorized, you would be able to easily find blogs that might interest you by using the category that they have provided.

If you have a personal website, you could also choose from few Bloglovin buttons to be added into your website that would connect them straight through to the site itself. Some icons are just straight text and some even have cute pictures on them for you to choose from. The opportunity for improvement has always been inside of the developments team ideas to make the site more popular and helpful for bloggers to gather their blogs and not have the blogs clustered everywhere especially when you are interested in some particular theme or writers, this site could definitely be the site that you have been looking for.

For some help in boosting the traffic of your blogs in Bloglovin, you could also use the service of This site provides simplicity in gaining followers and likes for your blogs, which is not something that is easy to be done and also usually time consuming. So, if you need more followers and likes for your posts and blogs, you might want to consider opting for this service to help you get the job done. This way you could get more trust from other readers faster and they would start following you too.

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