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5 Tools That Can Help You With Twitter Unfollow Feature


The number of followers that your Twitter account has gathered reflects your popularity. However, many times, due to the presence of unbeneficial Twitter accounts in your contact list, your time, and efforts are wasted. Such accounts can be divided into two types: inactive Twitter followers and those Twitter contacts, which do not follow you back.


Of course, removing such contacts from your list will give you a clear idea about where you stand. Nevertheless, filtering the contacts will not be easy at all. That is why it is a good idea to use a Twitter application, which will help you identify useless Twitter contacts and delete them with ease.

Below is the list of 5 Tools That Can Help You With Twitter Unfollow Feature:


The app is a straightforward way to remove those Twitter contacts, which do not follow you. The application is meant for Windows desktop. It downloads fast.

After downloading, just install the application and run it. You will have to start the application by using your Twitter username and password.

The application also lets you leave out those Twitter contacts that you do not wish to delete even though they are not following you back.



This is an amazing app for managing Twitter accounts. It was earlier called Manage Twitter and it loads quite fast unless the number of your followers runs into thousands. The most attractive aspect of its Unfollow feature is the ability to let you delete thousands of Twitter accounts in just a few seconds.

The app works smoothly in loading those followers who do not follow you in return. You can choose the ones that you want to delete from your account and then, hit the Unfollow button to make them disappear.

This app also allows you to find out the followers who were not active for some time, and those who have not been interested enough to post their pictures on the profiles.

You can adjust the sorting of the accounts by different criteria such as date of follow and influence.



This app is one of the remarkably easy to use 5 Tools That Can Help You With Twitter Unfollow Feature. You can also see the followers who have not tweeted for a certain number of days. You can customize the period such as 10 days. Just choose whomever you want to unfollow and click on the relevant button.

Just Unfollow

This Twitter app allows you to get rid of Twitter users, who have either not been following you or have been inactive for a long time. This application is easy to use, and it supports multiple Twitter accounts. Hence, you can clean your several Twitter accounts from a single Just Unfollow account.

Additionally, as there is no downloading involved, you can straight away use the app. Just log on to your Twitter account and let Just Unfollow to connect to your account. This application is also available for Android devices. Hence, you can maintain your Twitter account/s on the go too.

There is also a paid version of Just Unfollow, which gives you the power to delete unlimited Twitter accounts.


You will be surprised by the speed at which this app functions. However, it does not boast a multitude of features. Mainly, it will offer you the list of the people, who have not updated their status for some time but you have been following them. You can specify the timeframe for which the followers will be evaluated by the app.

One of the timesaving ways of unfollowing numerous followers is to accommodate as many accounts as possible in a single page. By decreasing the magnification of the screen to 50%, you will be able to delete many followers together.

Tips to use the above mentioned 5 Unfollow Twitter tools successfully

* When in doubt, wait before unfollowing someone instantly

If you are in doubt whether you should consider a follower for deletion then you should wait rather than click Unfollow right away.

Tweet a hello to the follower. The nature of the response will help you decide immediately if the follower deserves the Unfollow option.

* Decide if the locality of the followers matters to you

Before judging someone worthy unfollowing or otherwise, you should reflect on if that follower is important to you.

For instance, if your potential business audience is limited to a particular area then getting followers from other areas will not help your business at all. Keeping such followers for the sake of a huge following on Twitter will only give you a false benefit.

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