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The Top Ten Reasons to Have a Social Media Resume

In our society, where technology is so prevalent, it is understood that most people will have at least some familiarity with social media. Demonstrating this through an interactive, social media resume, is the best way to connect with hiring managers, who are becoming increasingly bored with the typical, one sheet resume format. Here are ten more reasons to invest in a social media resume.

  1. Hiring managers are just as bored as the average consumer. The last thing you want to do when applying for a job is to bore the person reading your resume. No matter which platform you choose to act as your resume, you can make it far more exciting than a boring old piece of paper.
  2. An interactive social media resume is more likely to stick in the mind of a hiring manager. In the initial application stages, what matters more than your years of experience and school? Being remembered by the potential employer. Nothing is more memorable than an interactive resume.
  3. You are enabled to build a cross-platform resume. No matter what kind of job you’re applying for, chances are, you have information on more than one platform that you want to highlight. Building a social media resume, you have the ability to link these all together.
  4. You have more freedom of expression. Instead of being burdened by the one-page format, you have far more room to create something fun and helpful.
  5. Allows for more creativity. Unlike a single sheet of paper, where space is limited and design is often sacrificed, social media resumes can incorporate any aspect of design that you find to be appropriate.
  6. Allows for more information to be displayed. Again, being bound to a sheet of paper means you have to cut out significant information. By sectioning this information off into separate areas, it allows you to be more liberal. If you already have recommendations, you can even put those up along with the rest of your information, allowing potential employers to see immediately how professional and skilled you are.
  7. More intuitive to navigate. Hiring managers can easily switch from the “About Me” to the “References” section, being presented with only the information they need, instead of everything mashed together on one page. Plus, with just a click, they can send you an email to schedule that interview.
  8. It highlights an important skill. Social media is a skill that almost all corporations are looking for in employees. Using social media to build a resume shows that you obviously know how to manipulate the format.
  9. Works no matter what your industry is. This resume can be as professional or as fun as you need it to be, so whether you are applying for an engineering job or a marketing position, you can find the platform that works best for you.
  10. Easy to make. There are even tutorials online discussing how to best set up and manage this kind of resume. Even without one of these, if you are even a little familiar with whatever platform you choose, it will be a snap to set up.