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Top 7 online marketing trends that dominate 2016

Online marketing has evolved considerably in recent years with the advent of social networks and smartphones. Today, more and more people are participating in e-commerce and digital marketing has become mainstream as a stage for brand owners to display and promote their brands, services and products. Marketing trends change every year and 2016 will be no different. Complying with the latest trends is critical as new trends are in line with policies set by Google and Bing, the major search engines and the largest online marketing platforms.

Top 7 online marketing trends that dominate 2016:

We have analysed carefully and listed some of the major trends that undoubtedly trend this year. Our list is based on reports from local services and also a well known SEO Online Marketing Company.

Video Ads

With ads based video Google SERP finally accepting the segment of video ads collector is likely to grow this year. With YouTube being the primary player behind video ads, Facebook and Bing are also giving users the option to add video ads to their platforms. Therefore, we can see an increase in video-based advertising and if you are a seller, you must identify the opportunities they have in this regard.

Mobile Ads

With mobile phones completely phasing out desktops, mobile ads have a greater impact this year. Companies need to start creating advertising campaigns for websites and mobile applications and all online marketers to analyse the opportunity carefully and grab it. Mobile advertising agencies are growing at a much faster rate than ever and sellers believe the PPC and CPA advertising for sites to delete desktop and mobile ads soon will dominate the market from 2016.

Social Media

Although social networking is not a new trend, this trend is expected to continue to grow this year too. With the number of users increases daily coverage mainly due to growing Internet in rural areas, a company can quickly find the target audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Whatsapp marketing is another growing trend in which a string message is transmitted to users to create a buzz. With all these methods are used, we can easily wait for more exposure of vendors on the platform of social media this year.


Although there are some years before we see applications completely removing websites, the importance of having dedicated mobile applications is increasing day by day. Business owners have realised that having a mobile app give plenty of coverage and for this reason, investment in applications will be a great form of digital marketing this year.


Although the search engine optimization (SEO) is still king, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also gaining a huge place. Vendors are focusing on the points offered by Google and Bing on its search pages and if you can get the right keywords, then SEM can be a great way of marketing your brand. With more people using the Internet, the scope of SEM will increase and that certainly comes as a superior marketing trend for 2016.

Virtual Reality

With the first commercial device VR release this year, we can expect virtual reality to make their mark in the digital world. VR can join social networks, YouTube and many other platforms that may offer a new avenue for marketers. 2016 will see the virtual reality helps online marketers get more consumers.

Search marketing

Search marketing will continue to evolve and become stronger in the behaviour of online customers. Consumer information search phase is closely associated with search marketing. Apart from search engines other social sites such as YouTube, Twitter, also will become more influential. This automatically boosts the effort to search engine optimization, but also projected as customers seek engines search results most relevant can also change their logarithms and strategies this year. We have to wait and see for that.

It’s interesting how our business and online marketing trends have changed, grown and developed over the years. Compare trading today with ten years ago, even five years ago, and the differences are enormous. Some trends have made a huge impact on our business world today. When cell phones first came out that had the ability to access the Internet (1996 Nokia Communication) had nowhere near the online source for most of them possess today. Eventually, you could access a few separate applications (some games with cheese, some paid subscription services, etc.), but today we have the world (wide web) to reach. As a company trying to succeed in today’s market, it would be remiss to pass up the offer of products and services through online mobile markets like Android and Apple market. People leave their personal computers, laptops and office temporarily – but your cell phone is glued to her side at all times! Companies want to make sure they are available to its customers at all times.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have completely transformed the way we communicate with each other and gather new information. Consider the facts: Facebook currently has over 500 million active users and provides instant access all in a convenient place for users to monitor what their favourite companies are promoting, watch the news and updates, and share with your friends. Not only users of Facebook (and other social networks) can access through their personal computers, but they can also see their profile and favourite pages on their phones, iPads, iPods, and TV! Companies that establish the profile pages on social networking sites open a window direct them to your consumer.

All these trends will make a mark in the digital world and be a seller; you should look for opportunities that await you and discover the best ways that you can exploit these trends in the extent of their interests. So, wait no further and start using marketing following these trends to have an excellent 2016.

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