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Top 10 social media business campaigns

Many brands have utilized social media to their advantage because Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites can spread their message. Here are some of the best recent social media business campaigns.

Nike at the Olympics

The London Olympics and Paralympics were a huge success and Nike utilised social media perfectly. Combining traditional forms of advertising with contemporary types, billboard advertisements were placed around London that displayed the hashtag #findgreatness. Instead of images of celebrities, everyday athletes were on billboards with this hashtag. As the 2012 Olympics captured the hearts and minds of a nation, this emotional tie-in enabled Nike to better its presence on Twitter.


The campaign ran by Adidas during the London Olympics took a different approach than Nike because images of athletes who were in the GB team were used. As the hashtag #takethestage featured on billboard advertisements, this was seen by a countless number of people because Adidas was an Olympic sponsor.

Dollar Shave Club

After producing a short video which was then uploaded onto YouTube, the popularity of the Dollar Shave Club soared. As web users don’t normally have a long attention span, this funny video promoted a gap in the market. With a convincing sales message which connected with web users on a personal level, this campaign was very successful. 


After acquiring one million fans on Facebook, Cadburys made a short advertisement which thanked people. A giant hand made out of three tonnes of chocolate was a very clever marketing tool and has helped people to become aware of the chocolate giants’ social media page.


To promote Ridley Scott’s new film, trailers were run simultaneously on both Channel 4 and the app Zeebox. As the advert contained a hashtag which people could use on Twitter to discuss their thoughts, a lot of buzz was created because those who saw the trailer were able to talk to others who had.

Old Spice

The Old Spice commercials have set the benchmark for social media campaigns. The American football player Terry Crews had various instruments attached to his muscles which were played after being flexed. People were asked to interact on social media and vote for the songs Terry should play. Millions of people have now watched the video and the Old Spice brand has strengthened as a direct result.


To promote itself, the cable company Telenet shot a video which showed a lot of drama happening in a Belgium town after someone pressed a button. A high-octane video, it has been watched more than forty million times on YouTube.


Every time someone ‘liked’ Heineken’s Facebook page, one green balloon would be placed in its office. This campaign was even more personal after the names of those who had joined their Facebook page were read out on YouTube.


After launching an app, Heinz asked people what their favourite bean was. Giving personal beans to those who shared this questionnaire with their friends, nearly eleven million people have interacted on Facebook.

Dumb Ways to Die

With a catchy song and cute animation figures, this video was released by Melbourne’s Public Transport Authority and informed people about the many stupid ways that they could die, in particular if they ignored the dangers trains pose. More than thirty million people have watched this video on YouTube and it delivers an important message in a very effective way.

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