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Winning Strategies for Effective Social Media Marketing


With the continuously increasing number of net-savvy individuals, a common target of all businesses is the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Marketing on social networking sites indeed gives a boost to the visibility factor, which is crucial for sales generation and maintenance of a handsome bottom-line. The trend of social media marketing has so penetrated into the heart of the business functionalities that every entity, whether large, medium or small, is inclined towards creation of profiles and fan pages on social networking sites. But let’s give it a second thought. With all the clutter created in the social marketing field, are businesses really getting the desired result for all their investments in social media marketing?

Every game has its strategies. So, when it comes to promotion on the social platform, there are certain guidelines which businesses should incorporate in order to emerge with a considerable level of brand recognition.

Be a regular visitor in your own social profile

Many companies get submerged in the hype of social recognition. They create pages, only to abandon them for days or weeks at a stretch. Such a tendency is dangerous taking into consideration the fact that users love updated information. So, keep visiting the profiles (at least go for a simple log in regularly) you have created in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. For example, a regularly updated profile in Google+ renders a positive brand image amongst the Google+ users.

Respond, respond and respond

Any kind of comments, tweets or direct messages within your company’s profile or fan page deserves a response because people are taking their valuable time to read your posts and respond. Moreover, responding associates your user with real people rather than an inert entity. This is indeed a positive point and help in relationship building. You can interact in different methods, like Facebook messages posts, status updates, Twitter replies, etc.

Encourage conversation with users

Once you have logged in and established a relation with your visitors through interaction, it’s time to keep them engaged with your social profile. For example you can indulge in activities like creating a poll, solicit feedback on specific services, share an enticing blog article , comment on a current news relating to your product or service, and so on.

Attain followers proactively

People who love your brand would automatically follow you. However, it always pays to be proactive in attracting new followers by seeking out people who have interest in the industry in which you operate.

Hema Gupta is an online marketer and likes to write articles on Social Media. Social Media Marketing indeed pays off once you can leverage the platforms in an effective manner. Continuous presence on the social media backed by thorough interaction indeed boosts your brand image in the long run.       

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