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Six reasons you should make great videos for your site when you engage a webhosting partner


1. Get more visitors

Research suggests that websites with video footage to view improve visitor rates and consequently profits. So why do so many websites avoid using it and what is standing in their way? Many webhosting plans can provide ample space for videos on the pages of the sites they look after, but how often are website owners encouraged to consider video as a promotional tool?

2. Increase sharing by customers

It makes sense to include video on your website when you consider than it increases the times that customers share links to your site, and if you can engage with social networking at the same time, the figures rise even more. Find your business promoted on YouTube and facebook, and all of a sudden customers are rushing to your site to see what else you have to offer.

3. Gain search engine approval

Search engines like videos as a rule and are more likely to place your site higher up the rankings by picking up on your video footage than if you post a potentially more run of the mill article. Both media might be saying the same thing, but the video gets the point across in a far more instant and accessible way than words can usually achieve.

4. Set yourself apart from the competition

great-video-shareVideos present the human face of your business and whether they are humorous, serious, informative, or persuasive, or a mixture of it all, they show you have a creative and unique edge over competitors, who haven’t perhaps the courage or the same passion for their products or services.

Videos tell customers you are prepared to be different and creative, and give you a chance to connect directly with your purchasers in a way that written content misses. Customers who watch videos go on to perceive businesses differently, and as a result, feel they have a more personal relationship with you. This can only be good for profitability. Talk to your webhosting partner about how they can make video a reality for your business.

5. Improve customer relationship management

Modern businesses run customer focused business; one way to improve relationships with your customers is to post videos which help them use your products and services, and which improve customer service and product or service aftercare. With better CRM you improve loyalty, reduce customer complaints and issues, and build valuable data which can help you upsell and cross sell in ways you may never have considered previously.

6. Improve brand awareness

Video can show customers how a product or service can change and improve their lives in a way that brochures and flyers can never do. When videos are presented in an interesting way that is relevant to the lives of customers, all of a sudden you are running your own home shopping channel and the order lines light up. You can use video to promote sales, deals, memberships, loyalty cards – in fact any special events which are going to market your products more effectively. Ask your webhosting partner how they can help make your video dream a reality.

Steffany Kellam has long experience with different types of hosting. She has also deep knowledge at domain (as her friends say in Sweden domänen) names.

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