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The Most Powerful Way to Use Twitter

Twitter has been around for almost seven years now. Most businesses have been sold that they have to get on Twitter to promote their business. The issue is that they take the promotion part of it too series. They literally only promote their business. That’s it. If you only promote your businesses on Twitter, it’s really no different than if you were to use a newspaper.


Because all you’re doing is pushing your message out the public. You’re promoting much like you would with a newspaper or TV advertisement.

This is the wrong way to use Twitter.

Now I’m not saying I have the right way. But I do have a more powerful way to find targeted leads for your business no matter what it is.

What exactly is this powerful way?

Using the Twitter search function.

Everywhere people are tweeting about random and not so random things. Sure @Randomguy26 from Victoria, BC just Tweeted that he is thinking about doing a home renovation.

But if you are involved in the home improvement industry, @Randomguy26 is a pretty solid lead.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say that Victoria Countertops shop Abstract Stone was using the search fuction on Twitter and monitoring their list of 5-10 keywords a day, they will find that Tweet by @Randomguy26 and respond to him.

They could respond saying something like “We feel you. What are planning on renovating?”

The key is not to ask for the sale or push too hard when you find your lead. You wouldn’t want to say “We sale countertops of all kinds, come visit us when you have a chance.” That’s too pushy and aggressive.

If he replied with “Everything!” or “The kitchen” or the “ The countertops“ and ff Abstract Stone had a blog full of useful content regarding countertops, they could reply with a link to their useful blog posts.

This would be a far better way of responding to and helping @Randomguy26 during his home renovation which would help turn him into a real solid lead.

Let’s use that same Tweet from @Randomguy26.

If one of Victoria’s furniture stores like StudioYdesign was doing the same as Abstract Stone and monitoring the Twitter search function, they could respond and send him useful links to their blog. Chances are good that after a home renovation people will need new furniture as well.

All you have to do use Twitter in this powerful way is to:

  • create a list of keywords that people use when taking about your product or service
  • enter those keywords into the Twitter search function
  • enter you desired target area into the City location at the bottom
  • hit search
  • start engaging with people 

When it’s all said and done, you’ll need no more than 30 minutes a week to do this and I advise searching every day for maximum results.

Twitter’s tagline is “Join the conversation”. I suggest you do that by searching for those people talking about your product of service in your area.


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