5 Ways To Get Your Content Ranked After Recent Updates

Google has come up with a lot updates on the search engines recently. And most of the internet marketing companies now, are constantly trying to figure out the new and different strategies to make their content rank higher in search engine results. A high page rank for your content is

What are the best tools for content marketing?

If you're new to content marketing, then chances are you're finding it a little bit tough. As marketers, we are expected to adapt ourselves to change almost instantly, and because content marketing is such a fast-paced industry, it can be easy to get left behind. That's where content marketing tools

Not Getting Enough FB Likes? Buy Them!

Every company, be it small or big, has a dedicated Facebook page these days. This is not very surprising, considering the amount of popularity the social media platform enjoys presently. Love it or hate it – you simply can't ignore Facebook. The more popular a company, greater is its number

Featured Review: EpicWrite

Last week, we featured Zendesk, an online support system. Today, I’ll be featuring a content writing website. Featured Review: EpicWrite Website: http://www.epicwrite.com Hmmmm, let me start with a story… as I don’t want my article to be cheesy (But hey, this company really deserves all the credit!). I discovered EpicWrite just last year after

Getting Found in the Christmas Rush

The competition for prospective customers over the Christmas period is intense, and with the variety of individuals using E-Commerce to do their Christmas shopping, the need to get those customers has become even more important. It is unlikely that your common online consumer will go beyond the first page of

Is Internet Marketing that Important?

It is not enough nowadays to just have a web page. More and more prospective clients are using the internet to shop, and as such their opinion is mostly established by viewing a business's web page, especially if they have never been to the business's actual location. It is also true

How Did Hertfordshire Agencies Get Local SEO Right?


For many small and medium sized businesses the only way to compete effectively online is to have a strong localized SEO strategy. As marketing budgets shrunk, due to the massive financial crisis suffered by many businesses over the past few years, it was essential for many companies to grow their

30 Websites That Pay Writers

[sociallocker]Did you know that there are a ton of websites that will give you real money just for your contributions? Yes, that’s right. If you know something and can write about it with decent grammar and voice, there is a good chance that you can find a website that will

5 Smart Ways To Plan Your Social Media Marketing


Have you created a social media plan for your business? Are you looking for a simple guide to formulating a plan for your online business? Ecommerce websites often fails in the social media marketing efforts for the same reasons that most New Year resolutions fail: they have great ideas but

5 Secrets To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media


To many people, blogging is lovingly crafting each blog post but the reality is that the real challenge lies in promoting the content to reach the widest audience possible. Social media marketing has been proven to be an extremely effective way of increasing blog traffic and growing an audience among