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Mobile Apps That Can Help You With Social Media Marketing


As social media marketing becomes harder and harder to break into, trying to succeed as an online marketer no longer becomes a type of business people seem to find easy to succeed in. Fortunately, as technology becomes way easier and more high tech, online marketers can be able to benefit with social media marketing through simply downloading mobile apps. There are so many mobile apps that can easily be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone. These apps are proven to make the entire business a lot easier for marketers, which is why they are a highly recommended thing for online marketers to use.


Mobile Apps that can help your with Social Media Marketing

Google Currents

Google Currents is one of the few apps that actually allows for online marketers to learn about the latest content. This Google Currents app basically allows you to create one-stop shops for various types of sources of information. This app allows for you to add these sources just like any updated RSS feed. In addition to these websites you can choose to add it directly to your library, and you’ll also get to see what’s trending currently on the web. It is a very useful app because you are very likely to receive a ton of reactions from many posts which are already known. You can even start discussions regarding your social communities through these trending topics. Plus, you can also choose to share these links to your personal social networks, or have the choice to ask questions related to all the trending news that can be found on the Google Currents.



Plume is the free alternative to the TweetDeck, and if you aren’t aware on what these apps can do, they basically just allow for you to manage all of your Twitter accounts at once. With this quality app, you could even be able to shorten your Twitter links with a simple click on its drop-down menu. This app can even load very quick and easy. It is fully customizable so that you are completely able to create the complete Twitter experience that is mainly about communicating. It even lets you have auto hash-tags as well as usernames which will save you overuse, access to beautiful preview photos, and even the ability to increase the Geo-locations. You could also post tweets through Plume to your Facebook as well. Plume’s design was made to mimic the Google+ mobile, so it could feel very familiar and comfortable when it’s being used.



Blogs play a huge role in reaching to your audience on the social media as well as extending the life span of your content. This easy to use app is the perfect app whichallows you to create your own personal content which you can easily post directly from this app to your blogs or blog. This very social-friendly app even allows for your business to easily monitor your Yelp, RSS Feeds, and Citysearch for newer and fresher reviews all about your line of business.

Buffer App

Buffer App lets you share photos, articles, status updates, and even videos to various different social networks. Mixing up your content can help you to build a stronger community. This app keeps you consistent and focused all the time.


Do you ever find it difficult to stay updated with all your co-marketers and potential customers all at the same time? Then Meebo is the perfect app for you. Basically, downloading this mobile app will allow for you to chat and video call all your potential customers and online partners at the same time. It basically is an app which was originally a website that allows users to chat with people using all types of chatting systems. Whether it be Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Aim, Facebook, CafeMom, Windows Live Messenger, MyspaceIM, Zorpia, Google Talk, and so much more. It is a very useful app that will really make staying in touch with friends and family a lot easier for you.

If you want your online marketing business to succeed, then you most definitely consider to use all of these useful and valuable apps. These quality apps will really allow you to increase your online sales as a marketer.

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