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The Latest Trends In Landing Page Optimization


Landing pages are the most important parts of every website. They are the ones that turn a user into a customer and then make them stay your client for a long run. Due to the rise in web technologies and mobile devices, there has been a major change in the design and functionality of the landing pages. A decade back more than 90% of the websites had at least 300 words of texts on their landing page. Today as we see, hardly 100 words of text can be found on the landing pages. The majority of the sites have changed and are still changing their landing pages to make them more appealing and to increase their ROI.


We now find hundreds of icons and seldom any text to describe the functionality of a widget or link. This change is mainly focused on creating a web-centric marketplace and the gradual evolution of the language of the web. Some of the more visible and effective changes that have altered the trends of landing page optimization are:

Trends in Page Content

There was a time when designers focused on informing people about their products or services on their landing page itself. But now due to the growing amount of information about a topic all those written explanation and texts and guidelines to subscribe or buy the services or products are moved to separate sections of the site like the help or about sections. The landing page is designed with the least and most effective information about the services or products along with links to various parts of the page where further information can be found.

Trends on Page Navigation

As compared to the present web design practices, the landing pages on websites a decade back was full of links and hundreds of navigation links to various parts of the website. A normal user today doesn’t even have the time to read all those links to find the one link to the page he wants to go. Thus User interfaces have been modified to a great extent including only the most visited links on the top and the remaining links as drop-downs or other forms of navigation. That has considerably cleaned the landing page making it more effective.

Trends in engaging customers

Some years back when the social media was not as evolved as it is now there were hardly any widgets or links to share or like a page or website on the landing page. But with the present growth of the social media websites, it has become impossible to exclude a Facebook like a box or an Add This button to your landing pages. Collaborative sharing has considerably increased and the websites strive to create a more engaging audience than they ever did before. This trend would continue to grow in the future and the whole internet would become a large marketplace for all kinds of businesses.

Trends in creating unified designs across devices

With the rise of mobile and touchscreen devices, there have emerged a constant need to create designs that can be easily accessed by all kinds of devices. This has reduced the landing page content to the least and has had a significant effect on the sizes of the text, graphics, and buttons. The graphics and buttons are considerably larger than before and are strategically placed on the landing page so that they all together form a pleasant and appealing interface design. This would continue to evolve with the rise of the touchscreen and mobile devices for at least the next decade until some other better technology has arrived.

Trends in Call-to-action pages

Call to action pages have become an essential part of every website. But there is a vast difference between the designs that were made a couple of years back and the designs that transform today’s landing pages. There is a lot less text and a lot more graphics as compared to the older landing pages. Today’s landing pages have short quotations that call for actions along with buttons that are aimed at turning the user into a customer. Today’s users spend at max 10 seconds on a single page, thus the designers face the immense challenge in creating innovative designs and CTA quotations that convert their users convert them in that small time.

As the web becomes a part of everyone’s life it transforms itself to suit our requirements. It has become the responsibility of the UI designers and website designers to create customer-centric designs that could increase the sales and number of visitors to the site. An engaging experience and neuro-marketing techniques could only deliver the expected ROI of the website in the future.

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