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How to Improve the Speed of your Website

If you have a website of your own, you may be losing visitors because your site loads too slowly. Users who are still using older connection models are unable to load pages at high speeds, and tend to click away when something delays. After all, their time is valuable. In order to keep these visitors, you need to take steps to improve the speed of your website. There are several ways you can go about doing this.

The first is to change to a different hosting server. Some web hosts are faster than others and provide quicker through speeds for processing. Several good companies to look at are, HostGator, and GoDaddy. All of these companies provide hosting at a low price, and give sufficient bandwidth for nearly any possible website.

Another reason your site may be slow are the images. High resolution images tend to load much more slowly than lower resolution images, and also have a much higher megabyte count. If you can compress an image before putting it on your website, you can reduce load times. While you want high res images, sometimes settling for a slightly lower resolution in exchange for faster load times is preferable.

A final option is to reduce the number of advertisements displayed on your page. Most advertisements are produced with methods that cause ‘memory leaks,’ which mean that resources are used unnecessarily. Reducing these leaks will increase the speed of your web page.

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