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Tips on How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably signed up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and you’ve may have a YouTube channel. However, competition is still curbing the growth of your business or even worse chocking it. What you should understand is that having a social media account is not enough if you want to beat the competition. You need to do more than just the normal internet marketing.

Using the tools of social media to spread information and collect valuable feedback from your clients will definitely give you an upper hand. Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead of the competition by using social media marketing.

Use a Few Social Networks

Being active and engaging on each and every social network on the web will only deplete your resources. You’ll obviously require a lot of time, effort and money to manage all those accounts. As such, pick the sites that are beneficial to your business and drop the ones which give you unfavourable results. To run this exercise effectively, you need to learn the difference between various social media sites.

social networks

Target Market

As mentioned above, there are different social media sites on the internet. As such, one can easily get confused on which one to use and which one not to. However, once you have a grasp of how the different sites work, you can easily tell which kind of people engage in each media and thus pick the media that engages your target group. For example, many cooperates find it better to use Twitter for marketing as many of the twitter users are perceived to be mature and business oriented. This is yet another way of determining which social media to pick.



Once you have started using the sites, make sure that you engage with your followers or friends like human beings. Clients hate it when their questions are ignored or when you don’t reciprocate their gestures. In fact, it depicts you as a faceless entity and this can make you lose followers or friends instead of attracting them. Additionally, your existing followers won’t be honest and straight when offering feedback. Therefore, make sure that you’re active and prompt and that you treat you friends or followers like human beings.


Offer Value

The fact of the matter is very few of your followers will be interested in your business. Instead, most of them will be keen on how you respond to their queries and what kind of information you offer. Therefore, you should offer benefits; it’s a great way to giving them important and helpful tips for free. Equally important, make sure that you post meaningful and valuable content. People are more likely to purchase items from businesses that offer valuable content even without persuasion.



One very crucial aspect that many social media marketers forget is consistency. It’s important that all your employees understand the importance of the site or fan page and know what can and can’t be done on the page. Everyone who can access your marketing sites should be on the same page. The message that your marketing team puts forward should be consistent. Make sure that they understand the dangers of inconsistency and over-promotion

It’s important that you hire the services of an expert especially when choosing the social media sites to use for marketing. Follow the above mentioned tips and watch your company thrive above your competition. Good luck.

Author is a blogger who researches the importance of social media marketing to businesses for Integrity SEO 

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