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How to run a successful Facebook competition


Engage and reward your Facebook fans and help grow your followers with the use of a Facebook competition. When you run an interesting and relevant content you give people a solid reason to ‘like’ your fan page. One fun way to run a Facebook promotion is to set-up a photo contest which encourages people to share their own content whilst connecting with your brand.


Make it engaging

Running a successful photo contest requires that you link the competition process to your company in some way. If you’re a fashion retailer, perhaps ask your customers to share photos of themselves in your gear? Make sure that entering the competition is straightforward, the easier it is to enter, the more entrants you will receive.

Choose the right prize

Think carefully about what your target audience would really like as a prize too! You don’t need to offer something costly, but something that is of real value to your customers. What would your customers get excited about?


Get marketing

No matter how appealing your prize, the real key to success with a Facebook competition is getting it seen by as many people as possible, in turn increasing your number of entrants. This means spending some time, and possibly money, on marketing. Though Facebook content has the potential to go viral, it usually needs a little helping hand to get started; whether that be pushing your contest to other social media fans on Twitter and Pinterest or creating a set of Facebook ads that carefully target and promote to relevant web users. Remember that things don’t go viral without a bit of hype; how can you get people talking about your contest?

Check Facebook rules

Facebook has several rules and regulations when it comes to running a Facebook competition – though after a quick read you’ll realize that company’s break these all the time. Don’t take the risk of ignoring them; it could lead to the closure of your Facebook account leaving your company without a fan page. The incorrect running of a Facebook contest can also appear spammy to your followers and may see them ‘unlike’ you.


To have a Facebook competition run correctly, you’ll need an application. Try Shortstack which offers a number of templates for various contest formats. If you have under 2,000 Facebook Likes you’ll be able to use Shortstack for free; otherwise the fees start from around $15 a month.

Notifying the winner

The aim of your contest may be to accumulate more fans, but don’t forget about the most important aspect of a Facebook contest – choosing and notifying a winner! To further help promote yourself, don’t just notify them via private message, and make a big deal over them by sharing their winning content and offering your congratulations publicly. How about picking a few surprise runners ups too? This will help make more of your followers feel valued. When your Facebook fans can see your contest is legitimate, they’ll be more likely to share future promotional content.

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