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How To Monitor Social Media Channels – 5 Tools That Can Help


There are various social media channel monitoring tools which can be used to monitor aspects of your social engagement which relevant to the business. The tools come with built-in features that allow you to find out what is happening on different social channels. They are easy to use to provide detailed progress reports that can show the trend of your business.

What are some of the parameters you can monitor using these tools?

When choosing a social monitoring strategy, you need to consider the following parameters:

Audience engagement

This measures the level to which your audience is talking about the brand or the business. This is done by monitoring the number of comments, interactions and mentions.


Gross views

This refers to the number of times your brand has been exposed to visitors on online networks. This uses the number of views on your blog, social site and video channels to come up with relevant results.

Online connections

An online connection is simply a person who is interested in your brand or business. By showing interest in what you are offering, the visitor has gone past the initial step and can then be contacted.

Social media discussions

A discussion is the best way to know the customer conversion rate. You can compare the number of discussions to the resulting sales to know your progress.

Social media referrals

One important part of a social media monitoring strategy is to measure the number of people that have been referred to you by existing customers. Some tools help you communicate with your referrals.


Online engagements

These monitoring tools measure the level of activity on the various social platforms you are engaged in. These include video channels, blog posts, forums and social networking sites.

These metrics can be monitored using different tools. Some of these tools include:

Google alerts

This is one of the most popular tools to monitor your activity on social media channels. It allows you to search for the keyword you use in your business. The good thing with this tool is that you can also find out about the keywords that your competitors are using. You can set this tool to give you a report in your inbox or RSS feeds. You can integrate this tool with Google’s portal to come up with a page that will show you the latest results. All this functionality comes to you free of charge and easy to use.


This social media management tool is used by very many businesses around the world. It provides you with the chance to access major social media channels such as twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn from one platform. This aspect has attracted very many users. The dashboard that comes with the tool is easy to use and generates easy to understand reports that will show you where you stand in your efforts to make a social presence. This tool is free to use but you can decide to get more advanced capabilities at a monthly fee of $9.99


If you are looking for a tool to give you quality feedback about your brand or the entire business, then this is the tool for you. Alerti will help you know what people are saying about you on social networks, blogs, video channels and many more sites. You can go with the free option or choose among the four different packages which provide different functionalities.


This is a paid tool that allows many users to manage their efforts online. This tool provides you with tools to monitor your brand as well as gather information about what competitors are doing. Apart from this, they offer tools to analyze report and manage different aspects of your social interactions. All these are performed from the central point, making it easier to use. You can get this tool starting at $499 per month.


This tool offers a wide range of results that can be filtered to remove spam and irrelevant entries. This system provides many options which you can use to analyze the results. BrandsEye comes with a recent mentioned gadget and a Firefox extension that gives you added functionality. The system allows you to use RSS feeds to help you get better results. The pricing depends on the number of keywords you want to monitor. The basic package needs you to pay $1 each month to track 5 keywords.

To get the trend throughout the market, it is better to know where people talk about your products, what competitors are talking about and whether your brand is visible. You don’t have to manually monitor the market trend, because there are free and paid tools that can make everything easier.

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