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How to Create Your Facebook Fan Page


Social networks play an important role in spreading information and connecting to a wider consumer base, and Facebook, with over a billion active users as of September 2012, is one of the most popular social networking sites. Facebook provides a platform to promote your blog, organization, products or services through the creation of a fan page, which can be an excellent marketing and branding tool in a tech-savvy world like we live in today. By creating a fan page, you can reach out to potential and existing clients, customers and ‘fans’, describe your business, upload photos or latest offers and allow users to give their feedback through comments and wall posts, which is important in creating a close bond with your customers.

Here is a guide to creating your Facebook fan page in a quick and step-by-step manner:

1) Create account:

Create a Facebook account and go to Facebook’s Create a Page link or click on the link located at the bottom of any other fan page.


2) Type of page:

Select the type of business you have, choosing the various options related to place, company, organisation, product, public personality or cause. After clicking the right type, select a category from the drop down menu, for example, ‘professional services’.

3) Contact details:

Add the name and address of the company, or the website and agree to their terms by checking the box. Click Get Started.

4) Picture or logo:

Use the official logo, any picture or your globally recognized avatar for your fan page. Make sure the quality of the picture or logo is good so that it stands out even when customers are surfing on smaller devices like smartphones. Once you have completed these steps, you can invite your friends at this stage or skip this step for the time being. Add any other required details that you wish to highlight on your fan page, and click the like button. You can also start to recommend the page to others so that the number of fans goes up, making your page more popular.

Although these are the basic guidelines, there are some more steps to be followed so that you can make the full use of the fan page’s features.

1) Page wall:

The fan page wall is the area where you can post different pictures, type messages, share links, hold contests, ask poll questions etc to communicate with your fans. Make the posts interesting so that more and more customers take part in the conversations through comments, and also use this feature wisely to promote your products and services.


2) Editing information:

On the bottom right corner of the cover photo, near the message button, there is a downward arrow which you can click to edit your fan page. It will direct you to the admin management page and you can make any changes you want.

3) Fan page as profile:

You can use your fan page to take part in conversations with other pages through comments and likes, which will help to widen your network and ease promotion and branding.

4) About section:

This is a very important section which you must word properly so that the description of your fan page is picked up by search engines. Use it to give information about your business or organization in a professional or friendly manner, depending on the type of company.

5) Fans:

The fan count is the biggest indicator of whether your fan page is effective or not and if it is serving the right purpose. Increase your fan count by adding a fan widget to your website or link it to your Twitter account to automatically post the same update in multiple networking sites, thereby boosting your marketing.

Always make your posts interesting or informative but don’t over spam by posting a huge number of posts. Engage the fans in conversations that will show up on their home page, as a result of which their friends will also get to know about your fan page. In today’s age, where people are spending more and more time on the internet and using social networking sites to interact and get information, creating a fan page on Facebook will take you a long way in building a strong customer base. By following these steps, you can create greater visibility of your brand, acquire more customers and promote your company effectively.

Jason Smith consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior and visits christian church san jose regularly.

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