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How Social Signals Play A Major Part In SEO

If you are someone who really wants to make sure your business appears at the top of the SERPs, then you will have to make sure you take social signals very seriously. Even if you think that they are not that important, they are actually vital to the success of your online marketing campaign. Recently, many studies have been performed in order to understand just how social signals affect your chances of being successful online and the good news is that the importance of these signals increases with time. However, that fact alone raises a few questions such as:

  1. How and why do social rankings improve rankings?
  2. What is the future of social signals in regards to SEO?
  3. What are the steps you have to take in order to improve your website’s social signals?

In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a closer look at these questions and try to offer you complete answers which will allow you to understand the steps you need to consider when improving your website’s rankings by making use of social signals.

How and why do social rankings improve rankings?

Answering this question would certainly make it a very good topic for debate, yet no one can deny that social signals affect not only directly but also indirectly the organic search rankings. But how exactly does this happen? Well, it comes from the following:

  1. The number of people who like your brand on Facebook
  2.  The number of shares you have on Facebook
  3. The number of Tweets that mention you in their circles or include a link to your website
  4. The number of users who have you in their circles

And when it comes to the indirect impact, you should know that there are actually many reasons for this happening. This includes inbound links because of improved brand awareness and online visibility, increased positive reviews on Yelp, a decreased bounce rate, a higher time spent on the website and more repeat visitors to your website.

The ability to generate new inbound links by improving your overall brand awareness and overall internet visibility is one of the most powerful indirect impacts of social media. When you have an online business which can be found easily you are more likely to gain links. According to a statement made by the head of the web spam team at Google, Matt Cutts, even though social signals are very important, links still remain at the top of the Google chain as they are one of the most valuable reasons to increase SERP rankings.

In the future, many businesses in highly competitive niches which lack a social strategy will certainly be outranked by those that already have one in place. Also, in the overall importance in the raking algorithms, social rankings are proud to hold a very important place in today’s ranking game. Part of the impact links have on rankings will never completely disappear but it seems that their importance will be outweighed by the indirect and direct impact of social signals in the not too distant future.

Author Bio: Katie Day, blogger who researchers and talks about How Social Signals Play a Major Part in SEO and who also writes about the latest trends in social media for Integrity SEO







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