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How Did Hertfordshire Agencies Get Local SEO Right?


For many small and medium sized businesses the only way to compete effectively online is to have a strong localized SEO strategy. As marketing budgets shrunk, due to the massive financial crisis suffered by many businesses over the past few years, it was essential for many companies to grow their brand in their own local area. Many Hertfordshire businesses were advised, correctly, to focus on this kind of online promotional strategy and have built up successful customer bases that have now allowed them to make the jump into more competitive national and international search terms online.

How was This Done?

There are a number of ways Seo agencies in Hertfordshire achieved, (and still do achieve this), for their clients:

  1. Prolific social media campaigns. A strong focus on getting potential social audience to want to be part of what you are doing. Plenty of reviews through platforms like Google + have been unbelievably valuable.
  2. Strong link building to landing pages that are targeting the places within your local area. Citations from local directories together with guest posting and relevant blog commenting bring traffic as well as SEO value.
  3. Content that is written to be insightful and informative to those you are trying to reach out to being prominent on every landing page.

By focusing on these main areas Hertfordshire companies took advantage of large amounts of localized traffic and also added huge authority to their sites, authority that has helped many of them now rank for more competitive and more prolific national and international search terms. Thanks to these guys for the information in the above list.

So What Now For Hertfordshire & Everywhere Else?

As theUKmoves out of recession, many new businesses are beginning to start up to take advantage of what is clearly a very welcomed recovery. I am sure that there will be businesses across the country being advised to follow in the footsteps of many of the Hertfordshire businesses who have created a strong local presence online. In doing so they will be enhancing their chances of tapping into traffic streams that they are more likely to reach, as well as letting the big search engines, like Google, see that they can be trusted and have something decent to offer their target clientele. I can only see more and more SEO agencies offering these kinds of strategies to their clients in Hertfordshire and across the whole of theUK. Local traffic is easier to tap into and a great place to start for businesses who have limited online marketing budgets.

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