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Getting Found in the Christmas Rush

The competition for prospective customers over the Christmas period is intense, and with the variety of individuals using E-Commerce to do their Christmas shopping, the need to get those customers has become even more important. It is unlikely that your common online consumer will go beyond the first page of any search engine on their hunt for the perfect present, so you will want your business to have as great a page rank as possible. PPC (pay per click) marketing can provide you with this key position, especially if you want immediate results.

However, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed if you are new to setting up your own campaign. Which keywords will generate the best R.O.I (return of investment)? Which page of your website should your clickers land on? How much money should you put into your campaign? A pay per click management agency can help advise you on the answers in regards to your particular business or company. Though you can find guides online none of them will have been created with your specific website in mind.

The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for retail, consider your available time. Will you truthfully have the time to set up and keep track of a PPC campaign? Without constant ppc management you may find that the budget you have set for your clicks can quickly become used up. If you haven’t set up your campaign properly these clicks could be taking customers to an uninspiring page, making your potential customers ‘bounce’ back off of your site.

Good PPC management involves constant tweaking to make sure that you continue to get the best R.O.I for your money. If you choose to go the route of hiring a Pay per click management agency, make sure that they will be willing to make changes to your profile if things are going as predicted. A good proportion of nailing down a decent campaign is experimenting, working out what is right for you. You want a management company who has your best interests in mind. Are they regularly keeping you updated with your campaigns progress? If not, maybe they are not the right company for you.
Shop around when it comes to searching for a decent PPC management agency. Almost all of them will have employed their own PPC campaign to make them appear first in your search results, so maybe go a little further in your search. The bigger companies that have invested the money into an expensive campaign to appear in a ‘PPC’ search, may not give you the same type of attention that you may be looking for.

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