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Free Ways to Improve Facebook Engagement

For quite a few years now social media marketing and social engagement has been the aim of the game for just about every business. Social media allows you to get in touch with your clients time and time again, and gives you the chance to promote to them when and where you like. Facebook is a wild marketplace of different opinion and conversation, and with just a few people interacting with you it’s possible to really boost the social engagement that your business receives.

However, your Facebook page won’t receive likes for nothing – you need to make social engagement a huge part of what you are doing. Social media is only powerful if you are actually being social, so putting everything in place is very important moving forward in the future to ensure that your social media marketing campaigns aren’t wasted in any capacity. If you want to see great ways to boost your social engagement without spending a dime, then try some of the ideas below;

Write Genuine Content

As the business owner, you are supposed to be an absolute authority on the subject that you deal with. If you can’t be that, then nobody will want to deal with you or buy you products. Therefore, you need to get good at writing – and fast. It’s not the hardest thing in the world and as you already carry an air of intelligence and knowledge about this subject, writing engaging and exciting comment that is bound to get likes shouldn’t be too hard for you if you work at it.

Follow Viral Trends

Social engagement is all about being in the right place at the right time – and right in the middle of a viral video or photo is the way to go. Viral trends are always exploding and using websites like Reddit you can easily find what is being spoken about most at the moment. Then all you need to do is align yourself with this message and viral trend and ensure that you get a link going on your Facebook page. This could change the entire landscape of your Facebook social interaction so don’t be scared to be a little out there with the viral trends that you follow and use. As long as they relate to your business in some way it’ll work out just fine.

Run Contests

You’ll already have your own little army of Facebook likes so the best thing to do is get them to share you – do this by providing a competition that gives away free products or money off in the future, and all the user needs to do is ‘Share’ your page/post on their own wall. This means that you can get your list to open your page up to visibility with hundreds of thousands of different people potentially.

The power of using Facebook to do simple things like run contests to generate interaction are genius. By utilising all three of these subjects you can build a pretty incredible portfolio in the future of Facebook fans who will share your posts and get busy on your page, creating even more interest down the line!

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