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Family Day Out And Things To Do If You’re Visiting Devon


Devon or Devonshire is one of the counties of England. It extends from the English Channel in the north to the Bristol Channel in the south and is located in South West England.

The region has got a very modern and attractive lifestyle. It has a number of tourist attractions, a distinctive cuisine, and witnesses a wide range of sports and cultural events regularly. Devon is the favorite vacation destination for the families, and regions including Exeter, Dartmoor, and Salcombe see tremendous tourist activity during the different tourist seasons.

Below are some of the most stunning hotspots of Devon that well suit the family holidays. Remember to enjoy the region’s exclusive, refreshing and delicious cream tea, which has the delicious blend of jam, scones and the clotted cream.

The Woolacombe Beach

The beach has one of the most stunning natural aesthetics that you will find in England. The pristine sands and the azure waters fill you with passion and refresh even the most tired of souls. The best time to visit the place is after April. The marine water sports and the sensational and exciting sea life can also be witnessed and enjoyed here quite closely.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Devon also has the Donkey Sanctuary and is one of the few cities across the globe to host this kind of wildlife inhabitance. Apart from different kinds of donkeys, you will also see here the lush green and beautiful gardens. The sanctuary also offers the recreation points and spots like gift shops, and cafes, apart from housing utilities like the toilets.

Coleton Fishacre

The country retreat was built in the 1920s and has luxurious and exotic gardens, located beside the azure and romantic sea waters. The stunning and commendable Art Deco furnishings and interiors, the original and exotic looks and features, the vintage clothing and the Bluthner piano music are only some of the highlights of the house. Kids would enjoy the woodland, the bamboos and a wild and large play area (apart from the Cadbury egg thrill hunt).

Paignton Zoo Environment Park

The Paignton Zoo and environment park is spread over 80 acres and has more than 2000 animals. The fantastic zoo has a range of wild animals including the tigers, lions, giraffes, rhinos, crocodiles, elephant and zebras, all of whom make amazing and interesting sites of the children. The woodland that comprises the Clennon Gorge Nature Trail has soothing tranquility and peace, which is only disrupted by the wild creatures. The main café has exotic dishes from different places around the globe, and all servings are delicious and enjoyable.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Located in the middle of the main city area, the Albert Museum has some of the most stunning of galleries, and exhibitions on display, along with a range of modern and useful amenities. You will find here the ancient and medieval Arnold sculpture, a range of decorative arts (including the canisters and pouches, among others), fine arts in the form of prints and drawings, remnants of natural history, and a breathtaking Numismatics collection.

We all know the benefits of being within your family. You have the most intimate relationships around you when you do sightseeing at the fascinating tourist hot spots in Devon. See to it that you are in a healthy state of mind and physique, for enjoying the beautiful hotspots in Devon.

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