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How to Create a Social Chat Box for Podcasting

Podcasting has doubled in rate for the last months. Podcast owners are more than willing to share videos about important topics related to their niches. Do you own a podcast blog? Here’s an application that can help you generate web exposure: Chatwing chatroom tool.

Social Chat

The Chatwing free chat software is an innovative tool capable of enhancing the way people communicate. If you have it in your website, it’ll act as a special lounge for visitors. You can leave important messages in the chatroom, and the visitors can benefit from those. To install the chatroom in your site, you can simply register in the Chatwing database—this will only take seconds.

After registering, you can now start to modify the appearance of the chatroom. Colors can be mixed, and sizes can be altered too. Moreover, you can also take advantage of Chatwing’s selection of background images. There are hundreds to choose from.

Social Chat

If you have new videos, you can leave links in the podcast chatroom. Your visitors can see it easily. What’s beneficial is the fact that there is unlimited message history in EVERY Chatwing chatroom. Now, that’s something that you have to look forward to. Anytime you want, you can review data left in the chatroom. The same manner goes for your visitors.

Social media is also an important part of the chatroom. Your visitors can simply log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Other social networks allowed are Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Google, and Yahoo.

Do you think growing your podcast blog is hard? Well, using the Chatwing tool can definitely make things easy.

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