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Content is no more the king for SEO


With the passage of time the SEO experts no longer believe that “content is the king”. Besides the content, there are several primary drivers for long term SEO success.  If you are an SEO expert, reading this blog would help you to gain some handful of information about what contributes to make a website rank high on search engines. Take a look at it.

Intent content and interest content:

If contentis broken into two types- intent and interest nothing can be better than this. The intent content is one of the fundamental for on-page SEO strategy. For retailers these are the product detail and category pages.These are the main pages that can convert a visitor into customers.


However, there are a few website level elements which make the actual difference. These involve:

  • Title for pages and description are important and do not forget to use title tag principles.
  • Use only one h1 tag for each page with a main topic.
  • Each web page should look good on any browser.
  • If you use a content delivery network it will optimize files and also download times.
  • Google creates page speed tools to check the performance of any page. Therefore, performance matters a lot.
  • Each page should be structured with strong titles, the main thesis, short heading, examples, subtopics, images, videos and additional resources which fascinate the readers.
  • Verify whether the content is exclusive. You can check this by copying a line of text from the page and pasting it into Google.
  • Use a sitemap for all the users as well as a sitemap for search engines.

Interest content for links:

Link building aims to score your web pages entirely based on other’s opinion. If the intent content is more convincing as compared to the competitor’s content then your internal linking structure should be dominant enough to pass all the PageRank you will require to secure a good position.


You must also enter interest content. If you manage to write at least 4 to 20 useful pages of content for your website per month,you are not only allowing yourself for additional relevant queries but also you are drawing attention of the visitors who like meaningful content.

Now the important question is how to create useful content?

  • Gather facts, construct graphs and charts.
  • Get interesting quotes from industry leaders and experts.
  • Build a video especially for people who do not have the time to read long contents.
  • To find pseudo-semantic terms for your content use Google related searches.


Use of outreach to earn links:

Outreach is one of the most controversial connectors between content and Google rewarding PageRank to quotes, links and mentions from such content. Asking for feedback, sharing content and thanking the contributors are considered as marketing. Therefore, outreach is one such element which can is used to bring in more content.

As you can see, there are much more than just the content for SEO. There’s code, relationship management and sales involved. Without these elements longevity is simply not possible. If you are in search for a good SEO company, you can approach Richmond SEO Company. They are renowned for their quality work.

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