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Can A business Survive Without Social Media?

Social media is one of the most widely used forms of communication across the world. Originally used as a social network to share with friend’s photos and information, the likes of facebook are vastly becoming used for so much more than that. Social media pages are in fact now used

Should Your Business Be Using Facebook Ads

After filing for an IPO, Facebook has been the center of attraction for all. The company has also begun trading on NASDAQ. It is worth noticing that Facebook derives 85% of its revenues from ads and the rest from fees and social gaming. This data brings to light the popularity of

5 Social Media Tools To Monitor Your Brand


If you are one of the players in the online business industry, then you are more likely concerned with your online brand image. A good online repute is central to attracting and maintaining business customers. With the seemingly universal implementation of social media among consumers, brands can now eavesdrop on

Financial social media: Apps to boost the act of financial advisors


Initially, financial advisors were skeptic regarding the use of technology, especially social media and mobile applications or apps to conduct their day-to-day business. However, with the passage of time, these professionals have unraveled the advantage that they provide in enhancing their performance by getting their acts together and streamlining all

5 Tools That Can Help You With Twitter Unfollow Feature


The number of followers that your Twitter account has gathered reflects your popularity. However, many times, due to the presence of unbeneficial Twitter accounts in your contact list, your time, and efforts are wasted. Such accounts can be divided into two types: inactive Twitter followers and those Twitter contacts, which do

How To Make Money With Youtube


If those experienced marketers can make thousands of dollars each month on YouTube  then so do you. It is a proven fact that YouTube has become a gold mine for everyone who has some marketing skills and knows how to easily attract his audience into liking his videos and channel. Recently, a couple

How to run a successful Facebook competition


Engage and reward your Facebook fans and help grow your followers with the use of a Facebook competition. When you run an interesting and relevant content you give people a solid reason to ‘like’ your fan page. One fun way to run a Facebook promotion is to set-up a photo