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How to Improve the Speed of your Website

If you have a website of your own, you may be losing visitors because your site loads too slowly. Users who are still using older connection models are unable to load pages at high speeds, and tend to click away when something delays. After all, their time is valuable. In

The Most Powerful Way to Use Twitter

Twitter has been around for almost seven years now. Most businesses have been sold that they have to get on Twitter to promote their business. The issue is that they take the promotion part of it too series. They literally only promote their business. That’s it. If you only promote your

5 Ways To Get Your Content Ranked After Recent Updates

Google has come up with a lot updates on the search engines recently. And most of the internet marketing companies now, are constantly trying to figure out the new and different strategies to make their content rank higher in search engine results. A high page rank for your content is

How Did Hertfordshire Agencies Get Local SEO Right?


For many small and medium sized businesses the only way to compete effectively online is to have a strong localized SEO strategy. As marketing budgets shrunk, due to the massive financial crisis suffered by many businesses over the past few years, it was essential for many companies to grow their

What Kind Of Directories Should You Submit Your Site in 2013


With the Penguin 2.0 breathing down our neck, are you actually better off not submitting to directories in 2013? The one word answer to that is 'NO' - but with a caveat. As with everything else related to SEO practices, Google's updates have affected directory listings as well. Unless you

Business Success Online

When it comes to business your ultimate goal is to make profit. Everything about your online activities should be structured around a strategy to meet your business goals. This means putting a lot of time and effort into coming up with a cohesive online plan, having the right people to

How Social Signals Play A Major Part In SEO

If you are someone who really wants to make sure your business appears at the top of the SERPs, then you will have to make sure you take social signals very seriously. Even if you think that they are not that important, they are actually vital to the success of

4 Ways To Track Your Seo Success

It is said 'If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it'. It is hence very important that your SEO methods are being measured to give you an idea of your SEO success or failure. It is imperative to track data about referrals, rankings, conversions etc. in order to be

5 Simple Seo Tips That Can Help You Get More Traffic

seo tips

There are many aspects to optimizing your site, and here are 5 simple SEO tips that can get you more traffic - even the so called 'server crushing' traffic every Internet Marketer dreams of. 1. Links - On Site Broken links can make or break your site. 'Not found' errors may not