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Can A business Survive Without Social Media?

Social media is one of the most widely used forms of communication across the world. Originally used as a social network to share with friend’s photos and information, the likes of facebook are vastly becoming used for so much more than that. Social media pages are in fact now used widely by business owners as a foundation for getting brand recognition and an increase in sales.

Use social media sites to reach out to your target audience:

What better way to share your businesses products, services, offers, promotions and even job vacancies than on the most visited places in the world. Facebook alone has over 750 million users, more populous than the United States. It therefore is a clear indication that this is a place where you should be marketing your business.

Using social media allows you to be personal with the people you want to connect with. It gives you an opportunity to find out what people want and then target your services and products around their needs and expectations. As well as being able to reach out to your target audience you can respond to their questions and even chat online showing that you value their opinions and support.


Gain fans and followers:

In order to boost your businesses brand visibility you need to do more than gain traffic through conventional methods. Although this is good social media is better. Social media not only brings you traffic but friends, followers and fans. These people have a genuine interest in what you have to say and offer giving you an incentive to keep up the good work and get others to notice you.

Small businesses aren’t the only people using social media:

It’s no longer just small businesses that are getting involved with social media. Those already successful big businesses are also getting involved to keep up with the times. There are also a lot of businesses requesting people to check their facebook and twitter pages through the media. This it to try and expand further their fan base ultimately resulting in them making a profit.


As well as gaining a fan base social media provides you with some fantastic feedback you can use to improve your business. The feedback given via social media is for the most part honest and true due to an emotional reaction. This sparks up a conversation where people can get together and discuss their likes and dislikes. A great benefit for your company as the one thing you want to be sure to do is meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

Do we need social media in a business?

It is clear to see that social media can and does have a massive impact on how your business will pan out.  It will however not work if you don’t put in the time and effort; it is a social platform that needs updating regularly to keep people interested.

Do we need social media for our businesses to survive? …………..YES!!

Jake currently writes for Dimasoft, a website development company. He knows only too well how important it is to use social media in your business.


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