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How Businesses Are Succeeding with Snapchat

Why Snapchat is all everyone is talking about these days…

Snapchat is a mobile app that was released in September, 2011. It has become a one-to-one, and group messaging social media platform where users can take a picture or record videos to share with others. The catch is that the sender can decide how many seconds they’d like the picture or video to be viewable, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds, and after that, it disappears. The app takes a twist on traditional social networking by providing users the opportunity to share a specific moment; Whether this may be a funny face filter, a short video of a location or a picture of food, users can have a lot of creative fun.


Snapchat 2.0 Features:

In late March this year, Snapchat released a new update of its app, called Snapchat 2.0. Here are some of the features that have revolutionized the app:


  • Auto-Advance Stories: When users are done watching someone’s story, the next one story begins automatically. There are also options to skip, or exit altogether.
  • Stickers: Similar to an iPhone’s emojis or Facebook Messenger stickers, users are able to choose from over 100 stickers to send in a private conversation with another user.
  • Upload Your Own Pictures: This provides users the ability to send something of their own whether it’s from the past or current, instead of having to take or record something new every time they’d like to send a message.
  • Looped videos and audio forms: After recording and sending a 10-second video, the video is looped for other users to watch it over and over again. Additionally, users have the option to just send an audio message as a reply instead of a video.
  • Phone and Video calls: These functions play a pivotal role in the evolution of Snapchat. Besides sending videos and audio messages, users can use the app to make a phone call or video chat with users in the app too.


Here’s why businesses should be on Snapchat right now.

According to Snapchat’s advertising page, 41 percent of all 18-34 year-olds in the U.S., use Snapchat. Being involved with this form of social networking enables companies that are trying to expand their brand, to be recognized by the socially active young demographic.

A new form of advertising that is on the rise.

Snapchat has added a new feature called Sponsored Lenses and Sponsored Geofilters for companies, locations, and more. It adds a filter on user’s account that promotes a location or brand. These can range from a tropical design if they’re on a beach to promoting Taco Bell’s new type of taco, by letting users take a picture as a taco. This type of advertising can occur when users walk into a store and want to take picture using the store’s brand as their filter.


Users on Snapchat not only look through the stories of other added users, but they have a section called “Discover” to look through company stories. Some of these are publications such as People and Cosmopolitan, where others are television networks like ESPN and MTV. These 10-second video and photo ads can reach up to eight billion daily views, and are inexpensive. Not only does this feature provide a huge reach for big and small companies, but it allows users who want to stay involved with a particular brand, the opportunity to do so.


Businesses that are already winning on Snapchat:

Gatorade successfully used Snapchat to bring users the excitement and real-time feel of the Super Bowl from the stadium itself, right to their smartphones. Gatorade created a Sponsored National Lens that allowed everyone to play with fun filters on their pictures that promoted the Super Bowl. One of the iconic lens was experiencing a virtual Gatorade dunk while users made a funny face. Another was choosing a team and having a wildly painted face as an excited fan. The lens became a huge success and resulted in over 150 million views and a total of 60 million plays with their lenses.


(RED) and Snapchat partnered up to design the first global filter to help save lives, “one snap at a time.” Every time a user sent a filtered picture, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated three dollars to (RED)’s fight against AIDS. The campaign reached 14 million users, and a total of 76 million views. This provided a stepping stone for raising awareness and money to a good cause, simply within the Snapchat community.

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