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5 Ways To Get Your Content Ranked After Recent Updates

Google has come up with a lot updates on the search engines recently. And most of the internet marketing companies now, are constantly trying to figure out the new and different strategies to make their content rank higher in search engine results. A high page rank for your content is significant for the marketing of your business as it adds a lot of visibility and authenticity to your business.

So here are some useful tips that you could apply to your content as well for maximum benefits:

#1 Add Relevant Content

Whenever the users visit the page of your website or blog, they tend overview the page first before they read it, which means they see the length of the content and whether it has been written in an objective or subjective manner. So it is important to write the content which is relevant to the topic and putting interesting sub headings would be great.  Try not to put the content in the form of endless lengthy paragraphs that seem tedious and boring.

#2 Add Visuals

Presenting your content in the form of pictures, interesting infographics and informative videos (if possible) makes it more readable and relatable. If your content is stuffed with only written information, the readers might not get your message appropriately. Visuals engrave into the user’s mind and give a long lasting recall.

#3 Check your Inbound and Outbound Links

Always check your inbound and outbound links. In the current times, your content should not only be relevant to your topic, but also completely in sync with your inbound and outbound links. If your content is about flower and plants, you should not have an inbound or outbound links on electronic gadgets. Earlier you had the option to drop the links anywhere, but now it could result in bad back linking which could result in penalty.

#4 Improve Users Experience

Make your page or website user friendly. If you have not yet introduced the responsive layout, you could be missing a lot of visitors. Responsive layout is very important because not all your users will access your content on their laptops or PCs. Internet surfing today is majorly done on mobiles, tablets etc. Hence it would become very uncomfortable for them to read your content on their small screens, which could make them wander away to other options. Responsive layouts do not need zooming in and out and swiping your fingers across the screen in order to read the full content. Not having a responsive page has a high bounce rate which will affect your search engine ranking.

#5 Track and Optimize Important Keywords

While creating content, always be careful to include the key words that are high converting. The content with the appropriate keywords always has a high chance of getting a lot of traffic on its page. Track and find out which key words do people search for, when they want to find out about that particular topic. However make sure that the keywords are not disturbing the natural flow of your content. If the content looks stuffed with keywords, then Google considers it as a spam and rejects it.

#5 Keep your content fresh

Maintaining the freshness of your content always keeps you in top search results. You can make sure that your content is fresh by removing 404 links or by removing outdated information. If you’re recommending a product from Amazon, Ebay, or from your other affiliate network, try to change the products occasionally. Talk about some other good product for a slightly different purpose. Also, encourage your readers to leave their comments below the article in order as the conversation through comments from time to time will keep the content fresh.

Changes and updates on search engine algorithms, which keep happening are vast. Did you know that Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year? Perhaps, this is the reason sometimes when all of a sudden, your content gets ranked lower or higher. To avoid such a situation, keep your content updated with Google’s recent algorithm so that your content always acquires a high rank.

Author Bio:

Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for CJPonyParts. In his free time he likes to research on stay at home vacation ideas . He also likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.

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