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5 Ways to Drive More Engagement For Your Business on Facebook

Regardless of your industry, it is no longer good enough to just have a website. There are now more than 2.34 billion social media users on the planet, making this still relatively new platform a hotbed of potential business and creativity.

Of all the different social media platforms, Facebook leads the way with over 1.59 billion users and for this reason, is an absolutely unavoidable tool for any business.

While most businesses do have Facebook pages, many often find that they aren’t having much of an impact, leading plenty of owners to consider the relevance of having a page.

If used to its full potential, a business Facebook page can actually be very beneficial. So, to help your business achieve its full social media potential here’s 5 ways to drive more engagement for your business on Facebook.

Use Multimedia

Regardless of whether you run a hairdressers, haulage firm or bakery, multimedia is vitally important to boost your social Facebook engagement.

Not only is it important to keep your page active with regular posts, the way to make those posts more appealing is to include a picture, link or video along with it.

There are two ways to do this. You can generate original content yourselves or you can share other content which relates to your business and industry.

Whether you decide to create simple and effective photos and videos yourself or spend a little to create high-quality videos, visual content is much more likely to attract attention and engagement. Just look at this brilliant example of Buzzfeed’s food channel Tasty, which you will almost have certainly come across on Facebook.

There’s a lot more to gain on Facebook if you do more than type a coulee of lines of text,


A great way to reach out beyond your Facebook following is to create competitions. Simply find a great product or service which links to your business and the only way in which people can enter is to like and share the post.

With one simple share, your post is suddenly visible to hundreds or thousands of potential new followers and hopefully customers. This is one of the quickest ways to attract engagement because everyone loves the idea of winning something for free.

Engage With Users

Another great way to drive engagement to your business Facebook page is to interact with comments on your posts.

We spoke to social media experts Edinburgh based social media agency, Pilot Fish Media for their take on comment interaction. They told us, “Before you get carried away, replying to every complementary or aggressive comment that appears, you need to decide on a house style of approaching these things so that your brand is as watertight and consistent across all platforms.”

“This can vary massively depending on your business. For example, if you run a bookmakers, you can be very informal as Paddy Power has shown, but if you run something like a solicitors, your tone must always remain strictly professional.”

Be Current

No matter your industry, it always helps to have your finger on the pulse. People appreciate timely posts, which will, of course, encourage engagement.

If there are any big announcements of new products, notable industry developments, industry events or celebrity interaction within your industry try to get a post out referring to it as quickly as possible, whilst still managing to make it a quality post.

This encourages engagement because users might want to share the industry news you’re discussing or tag a friend in the post who might also be interested.

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