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5 Social Media Tools To Monitor Your Brand


If you are one of the players in the online business industry, then you are more likely concerned with your online brand image. A good online repute is central to attracting and maintaining business customers. With the seemingly universal implementation of social media among consumers, brands can now eavesdrop on conversations on the subject of their goods and services. While it’s not feasible to control these conversations, companies can monitor and act upon them. Often, brand followers and critics are somewhat vocal in equal measure, and all those reviews and opinions are available on the internet, if you use the right social media tools for monitoring purposes.

Every good discussion begins with listening. Social media monitoring tools are available to help you take note of the discussion, engage, and become proactive. Traditionally, brands prefer to listen before responding and avoid damage control. Nonetheless, listening is far more than being reactive. Listening in on your customers is an extremely insightful experience. Here are 5 social media tools to monitor your brand in internet circles.monitor-your-brand

Google Alerts:

It is an oldie but still a valuable tool. For instance, it allows users to create keyword searches based on the name of their companies or business competitors. As such, users are able to receive updates through their email inboxes or via RSS feeds. When merged with iGoogle, you can set up a rather beautiful consolidated page comprising of all the latest results for the chosen keywords. In terms of social media monitoring, Google alerts is the least you should act upon; not only is it free but very easy to set up.


It comes with a striking interaction console that allows you to listen, interact, and plan in one versatile desktop application. It is highly regarded for its ability to check the performance of all services, brands and keywords across all social network platforms all together. This is a great solution that will drive your business to uncharted waters. In terms of performance monitoring, radian6 goes beyond the major social media networks to include blogs, social forums, photographic and video websites, comments and millions of websites available online. Furthermore, this excellent social media monitoring tool combines data from all areas across the web, filters and separates it, and mentions and chants it on behalf of users based on the different user definable and choose able metrics.


This is a dashboard app that keeps an eye on Twitter. It focuses mainly on Twitter monitoring. The program will notify you whenever your keywords appear in any tweet. Additionally, it classifies your results through link popularity, tagging clouds, contributors and users. Furthermore, Twazzup is typical of unique features such as avatar mouse-overs which give more information on the user’s appropriate tweets. These are just but a few of the many features that make Twazzup an amazingly powerful and useful social media monitoring tool.


It is a well-known tool used to run multiple accounts across social media platforms such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Word Press, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Hootsuite doubles up as an account management tool as well as a social media monitoring tool. It terms of social media monitoring, it is valuable as it has a significantly large user network and great functionality. You can post updates in more than one profile, trace click-through, set up timed updates, keep an eye on your social network happenings across several web services, and delegate tasks among group members based on responsibilities.

Scout labs:

While a number of social network monitoring tools can become complicated to make use of, Scout labs uses a plain, easy to use interface that provides powerful data to social markets that proves beneficial when tracking the brand performance. One of its special features allows users to highlight graphs to help examine trends in aggregated data. The dashboard is simple to create and comes with a composite Buzz ranking that enables you monitor your results with a quick look. Unique categories for internet sentiment, quotes and mentions give you comprehensive knowledge of your data. It’s an excellent choice for agencies as well as freelancers as it gives customers admittance to a dashboard that has your brand logo on it.

Social media is not only an entertainment tool, but a powerful marketing tool for business. By creating your presence in social network platforms, you give your brand virtually unrestricted exposure to potential clients without facing any major cost issues. The important part is to track your performance across the online world. The above mentioned 5 social media tools are very beneficial in terms of monitoring your brand image across different social media platforms.

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