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5 Simple Seo Tips That Can Help You Get More Traffic

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There are many aspects to optimizing your site, and here are 5 simple SEO tips that can get you more traffic – even the so called ‘server crushing’ traffic every Internet Marketer dreams of.

1. Links – On Site

Broken links can make or break your site. ‘Not found’ errors may not become less irritating just because you have an interesting 404 page. That serves a purpose when there are genuinely wrong queries. However, when a visitor is trying to navigate through your site and finds a 404 error after having clicked through one of your internal links, the impression that your site conveys is shoddy at best. With a fantastic free resource like Google Webmaster Tools at your disposal, there can be no excuse for crawl errors. Please devote scheduled periods of site maintenance with regard to possible broken links using your Webmaster account. Just to clarify: when there are too many broken links on your site, your search engine rankings show a steady downward curve, and reputations, as we know, are not easy to win back whether in the real world or the virtual. Do try and avoid this extremely avoidable mistake.

2. Links – Off Site

We are all aware of the numerous services that used to guarantee backlink ‘packages’ in the pre Panda-Penguin era. Now, in addition to penalizing questionable and irrelevant backlinks, Google has also introduced the ‘Disavow’ feature for Webmasters where you are expected to show your disapproval for such questionable links. This is important: previously, it was taken for granted that site owners had no control over who linked to them. Now that the control has been awarded, it makes every sense to show a willingness to take advantage of it. A serious Webmaster is a good Webmaster in Google’s eyes. You score points with the Big G and your SERP ranking increases, it is that simple. Needless to mention, increased traffic is a given when that happens.

seo tips

There is a second part to this discussion: you can now avoid bad links, but how do you get good ones? Apart from trusting people to share your content, you should make a very old fashioned, manual effort to understand the kind of link structure that may be beneficial for you. If you are selling healing magnets, for example, you might want to find out who else has similar content. They don’t necessarily have to be your competitors – although link exchange with reputed competitors is a good idea if you can manage to pull it through.

Relevance is to be understood properly. Flower arrangement is not relevant to healing magnets. Homeopathy is, because they are both in the realm of Alternative Medicine. Once you have figured out how you want to get yourself connected, you can begin the process of backlinking manually. Blog comments still work, and so do forum activities- if you are not spamming. Another way is to directly email site owners to set up a link exchange program – and as we mentioned earlier, this can also include your competitors if you are particularly persuasive.

3. Rel=Author Tag

If Google has provided you with a way to put a face to your content, it would be foolish to not take advantage of it. Be it your own face or the face of your brand, any image beside the SERP result can and usually do lead to a higher click through rate. You stand out, you draw attention, you get more traffic. Couldn’t be simpler.

4. Title Tag

This one’s an oldie, and still 100% gold. The rules are simple: make it interesting and relevant to your content in 70 characters or less; keep the keyword/ keyphrase towards the beginning of the title; make your keyphrase the title if that is possible. Consider this a pre-sales pitch for your prospective visitors and a hint to the Search Engines to take note of your presence.

5. Meta Tag

The meta description that appears beneath your title in the SERP is what we are referring to. Google’s official statement is that the meta does not figure in search engine parameters. We couldn’t care less. The meta description is the second part of the pre-sales pitch that your title tags initiate. Get a good copywriter to create your meta description if necessary. It will be worth the investment. And when you start getting more traffic after implementing these 5 simple SEO tips, , remember: we told you first!

Jason Smith is an online manager for Hitches – trailers for sale. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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