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5 Secrets To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media


To many people, blogging is lovingly crafting each blog post but the reality is that the real challenge lies in promoting the content to reach the widest audience possible. Social media marketing has been proven to be an extremely effective way of increasing blog traffic and growing an audience among readers. Different social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more provide you with a broader reach to get your content on the screens of more visitors. Even the most topical, witty, creative and well received blogs can’t simply be posted to fill out websites, social media promotion can be the difference a successful blog and a great one.

Below are a few tips that would help get your blog out of obscurity and into the light, using social media:

1. Beef up your blog with multiple social media buttons

Visitors come and read your flowing, informative post on a topic they are interested in. What next? They are likely to look for ways of sharing that post with their friends and colleges through their social media platform of choice. While some readers may be interested enough to actually copy the URL of the page and send the links to their contacts, most would prefer being provided with a simple button they can click on to take care of everything on their behalf. That is what social media sharing buttons are. They allow readers to promote your content across the particular social media platform the button is dedicated for. But you obviously do not have the benefit of knowing each of your customers’ preferences when it comes to sharing content. Fortunately, you can provide multiple sharing options so that customers who prefer facebook can share, those who prefer Pinterest can pi and those who love twitter can tweet.


*Add the social sharing button at the bottom and top of the post; this will reduce hurdles for the reader as they don’t have to scroll all the way to the back to the top after reading to share your content

*Publicly thank fans who share your content. Fans feel good when they get a shout out of recognition and this will increase their chances of visiting your blog and sharing again

2. Adhere to the image resizing requirements on social networks.

As an entrepreneur, you would obviously want to have an account on every social media platform to engage as many users as possible regardless of their preferred social media platform. However, if a potential client visits your Facebook page and finds that your profile picture or product images are either out of focus, or too small for the space, they are likely to form a negative impression quickly. Something to the tune of, ‘if you can’t that right, is there anything you don’t get wrong?’

It is important to create tailored, shareable images that would attract readers. Include at least an image in very post.

3. Dedicate key word rich text when posting on all your social media pages

Keywords and search engine optimization is here to stay. In fact, since clients use search engines to find social media profiles, SEO is even more critical than ever. The more you use a certain keyword on your social media pages, the more search engines continue to associate your profile with it and pull it up among first page results when the keyword is searched for. Tools like Google’s Keyword Tool are a good way to get started on getting your brand associated with the right industry keywords. Suffice to say, it would do you good to use approved search engine optimization techniques. If you master this aspect of SEO, you will spend less time looking for an audience; instead, the audience will come to you.

4. Keep fans engages with other interests different from your business

Mix up the content you share on social media platforms. Avoid creating an impression that it all about ‘me, me, me’ on social media. Space out your social media shares over time; no one wants their social media streams filled up with your posts. You can also curate posts from other bloggers. This will help establish you as an authority in the field. Being generous with other’s efforts helps your social media success, it like social media karma.

5. Track your results

Do not just use guesswork to tell what’s working and what is not, really go out there and measure your progress using stats. A simple idea is to have a social media call to action. This will tell readers what to do after reading your posts. You can measure your success by calculating this conversion rate.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online consultant for Costellobuilders – Home builders in Lancaster PA .Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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