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5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Google+ Profile

Google plus may not be the latest social network platform but is by far the most important for any business and public figure. Unlike other social networks, Google+ is a product of the biggest search engine company, Google. In addition, it plays an integral part in determining the search engine results that users get when they are using Google search. Since the introduction of the social search aspects in search engines, Google+ has become the most sought after social network and everyone is looking for a worthy presence on the platform. The healthy demand for Google+ is encouraging because it eventually results to rich social search results that make it easy of end users to find what they are looking for, but this will only benefit the people who are tapping into the powers of Google Plus exhaustively. Examine the following 5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Google+ Profile and change what you need to, before it is too late.


1. Hanging out without adequate preparation

A cool feature of Google+ is Hangouts that lets you hold a live chat with other people on the social network. The hangout feature also lets you record or broadcast live your video chat for other uses. These Hangout options continue to make it the preferred way of interacting with customers and fans, holding webinars and generally showing your skills and expertise on your niche subject. Unfortunately, many people forget that hangouts work as windows through which people see them and their business. As such, they fail to put on a professional outlook in their video presentation, they also emerge as ill prepared in their videos. Sometimes, people will go on air before they even have their script right, while other go on air without a script.

2. Not using Hash tags

Social conversation can take on different directions without warning and unlike websites and blogs; it is not always practical to use html links to other updates as a way of connecting conversation. #Hashtags come to the rescue for such situations and they have become very popular such that most users now expect you to use them.#Hashtags automatically link people and conversations around the same topic. They help other people to discover your updates and in extension your profile because they expose your content to everyone examining the #hashtag topic at any time. Do not make the mistake of letting this excellent opportunity pass you simply because you do not use hash tags in your updates.

3. Forgetting consistency in making connections

Many people already know that consistency is important, but they are only consistent in their updates. Your social influence is now a factor for search engine algorithm and the only way to build it is by consistently connecting to other Google+ users. Do not relax in your efforts of growing your circles and engaging it in direct ways other than issuing status updates.

4. Forgetting about SEO in your profile

Lastly, many people forget that Google and other search engines will index their profiles. They go ahead to do everything right, such as linking to their business websites and providing all the necessary links to the work they are doing outside Google+, but forget to adapt their messages to a format that is relevant for search engines. While it is true that you should first write for people, before search engines, it is also true to note that people rely heavily on search engines to find what they are looking for. It is therefore necessary to include keywords in all your descriptions, updates, and captions so that your content on Google+ and your entire profile ranks highly on search engine results pages for your particular niche. This is a way of presenting yourself as an expert in your area of interest, which you should not be missing.

5. Not measuring impact of every engagement

When you measure the results you are getting from your use of Google+ you will be able to spot trends, see a correlation and generally quantify the result versus input for your engagement. Most people just use the platform extensively without a clue of what’s working for them and what needs improvement.

Now that you are aware of the common mistakes that people make on Google+, it would be sad if you are a victim and take no action. Do not let your other commitments bog you down. The investment you put into having a professional profile that takes advantage of all the available features on the social network platform will enable you reap massive reputation and visitor referral results. First starts with the above precautions then proceed to evaluate other aspects of Google+ that you might be missing.

Jason Smith is an online manager for AZ Family Dental – Family Dentists. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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