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4 Ways To Track Your Seo Success

It is said ‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it’. It is hence very important that your SEO methods are being measured to give you an idea of your SEO success or failure. It is imperative to track data about referrals, rankings, conversions etc. in order to be able to track and analyze SEO strategy and build a roadmap to success. You will also understand the right price of the seo services you’ve used.

Although, there is no denial that every business has unique requirements and different metrics matters for different businesses, the under mentioned 4 ways to track your SEO success are nearly universal. 

1. Know the market share of your website:

It is important to have an idea of the contribution that each traffic source viz. direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic is making for your website. If you know the website’s market share, you will be able to diagnose problems better. Say for instance, if your traffic has risen dramatically but from low relevance links, its time not to get excited. If the search engine traffic has fallen considerably, it is something to worry about. 

One widely used tool for this purpose is Google Analytics tool which generates detailed analysis of visitors to a website. It can keep a track of all visitors from referrals, display advertising, PPC networks etc. When integrated with Adwords, it enables the user to review online campaigns. You can also use GA to find out which ads are performing and which are not. 

2. Keyword tracking:

You as a website owner know what keywords are performing well for you. Web analytics tool will give you an idea of the keywords that your site is performing well on and which are driving traffic to your site. You might also get to know the keywords that you have been missing on and subsequently use these keywords while creating new pages or blogs for your site. 

3. Conversions and bounce rate:

An important but ignored factor that measures SEO success is the conversion rate and the bounce rate. There are no two ways about the fact that traffic coming to the site is useless if it bounces back and this definitely gives us an indication that there is something wrong. 

Not all visitors will buy from you. A measure and analysis of their actions will reveal the cause for it. The actions can be measured in terms of downloads, social shares and other actions suggestive of the interest of the visitor in your offer. If you do not have a tool to track these actions it will be difficult to decipher if the traffic is actually profiting the business or not. Hence there is a necessity to establish conversion points as per the desired user action which can track his actions. 

A close scrutiny of rankings of keywords and conversions and traffic will help you determine the success of your SEO campaign and failure to do so will definitely mean throwing money and efforts down the drain. 

4. Share of specific search engines:

There are three major search engines that make up 95% of all search traffic in the US. They are Google and Yahoo-Bing alliance. It has been estimated that for all countries other than US, 80% of the traffic comes from Google (with exceptions of Russia and China). It is very important that you have a measure of the contribution made by each search engine for the following reasons:

a) You can compare its performance with market share

By comparing the performance of the search engine for your business with the market share of the search engine in that country, you will come to know how well or bad it is faring for you. 

b) Get visibility into potential drops

If you experience a sudden drop in search engine contribution, it essential to know the share of that search engine in your SEO campaign to diagnose the issue. If all engines decline equally, then it is quite evident that problem is of accessibility while if only a single search engine drops, then it is probably a devaluation of your SEO efforts by that search engine.

c) Uncover strategic value

Some SEO efforts will bear more fruits on some search engines than others and it is important to be mindful of them while analyzing SEO success. Identifying tactics that work well for a specific search engine will enable you to better focus on your efforts.

These ways to track your SEO success are sure to boost your campaign and make you aware of the follies that you may be unknowingly committing. Implementing these in your campaign will surely bring results not only in terms of fine tuning your SEO campaign but also in terms of getting visitors and boosting your business.

Author Bio:

Jason Smith is an online manager for Victorpest – Mice Glue Traps. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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  1. Tracking these 4 points not only allows you to measure your SEO campaign’s current performance, but also provides actionable data to help you make the right decisions to ensure its future success.

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