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10 Secrets of Result Oriented PPC Campaign

Though a lot ofoptimization strategies arecoming into the scene with recent changes in Google algorithms, PPC campaigns have never fade away. Rather, it has become far more comprehensive, in recent years, thus making it a significant strategy to get your website rank higher in the leading search engine.However, a result-oriented PPC campaign is subject to several handpicked strategies. Here’s a brief overview about Pay per Click Advertising:

  1. Market Research and Analysis: It helps in understanding consumer behavior and its moods. It is an effective way to understand the likes and dislike of your customers and their acceptance level of a particular product and service. In addition, you also get to know about the opportunity analysis, current competition barriers and so on. Accordingly it helps you framing your marketing strategy in a potential manner.
  2. Website Analysis for PPC campaign: This is an integral part of the PPC campaigns that streamlines the process. Analyzing a website with introduce you with its objectives and USP and also let you know about its pitfalls. No doubt, it’s an important indicator of how a PPC campaign has to be framed.
  3. Keywords Research for the PPC ad campaign – Keywords are important for both SEO and PPC campaigns.Targeting your customers depends a loton the appropriate choice of keywords. With the Google AdWords tool, you can not only pick up the top performing keywords, but can also have an idea about their global and monthly searches.Based on that you can chose the keywords for PPC campaign, which will make it easier for the web crawler to get you placed right on the first page.After all, a better keyword results in better visibility.
  4. Landing Page Development – Landing pages are considered indispensable for marketing a business online. A good landing page will attract the right kind of audience who stand the higher chance of conversion.In fact, it’s a page through which you can actually captures visitor’s information via a lead capture form. Through a landing page youcan actually present the USP of your business to your audience, which, in the first place grabs audience attraction.
  5. Campaign Management – Lead generation is expensive. Unless you keep things under control, you are likely to get no result eve after spending a fortune. You can even expectan underwhelming result which may turn out to beoutright disheartening. So, even before you dole out a volume for cash for the sake of PPC campaign, start planning it in a well-structured manner. From choosing keywords and their appropriate placement on the landing pages to creating ads, campaign management includes everything.
  6. Ad Group and Ad copy creation and setup– That’s indeed a key part of the successful execution of a PPC campaign.Creating ads that will grab instant attention is not that easy.However, for the PPC campaign depends a lot on the apt choice of keywords for ad group. A single ad group may contain 25 to 50 text ads andmore than 15000 individual targeting items, including negative keywords, audience lists, ads placement and product groups. Thus a single campaign is actually formed of more than 15000 ad groups. Along with that, you have to create a copy that has a compelling message to have an effect on the audience.
  7. Set Conversion Tracking and negative keywords: Tracking both the conversion rate and the negative keywords will help making your PPC campaign successful in an extensive manner.It will also help you figure out therate of conversion and the keywords that have actually a negative impact on your ad’s performance.
  8. Ads Testing: Adtesting helps you figure out how effectively your PPC campaign ads are likely to perform. By doing this you can also figure out how many conversion worthy leads you can expect to gain from your campaign.
  9. Bid optimization and monitoring the data and conversion – For any successful AdWords account, bid optimization is indeed an important part.To successfully execute the process, it’s important to monitor performance and manage bids. Through bid optimization, it will be easier to get insight on the market and figure out what’s working and what’s not.Indeed a potential strategy for PPC campaign.
  10. Display network and remarketing campaign setup – Remarketing is one of the most important yet critical part of the PPC campaign. And its success mostly depend on the business goals and types of customers you would like to reach.So get into the purpose of the business right from the beginning, so that you can remarket your business again in your network and beyond.

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