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10 Free Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Campaign

There is absolutely no doubt that social media has ushered in a new revolution to the world of marketing. It is therefore important that marketers become familiar with and utilize tools that can mine this immense potential and help them make meaningful gains in their work.

Here’s a review of the top 10 free tools that you can use to take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Top 10 Free Social Media Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Campaign


HootSuite offers three alternatives to choose from. You can start with the free version and gradually move up to the pro and enterprise packages when you’re comfortable with it. This reputable tool will monitor your campaign across numerous platforms. The best thing about Hootsuite is that it allows you to automate your Tweets and messages. It also opens avenues for seamless monitoring of mentions of your business on platforms like Linkleldn. The tool produces weekly analytic reports which can be useful when a team (as opposed to an individual) is placed in charge of running the social media accounts.


TweetReach is ideal for those who are interested in keeping track of how far their tweets travel. It is quite superb a way of measuring the actual impact of social media discussions. It guides you towards the right people you should be targeting when aiming to promote online content.


Despite the wave of controversy that has hit this tool in the recent past, it still remains a valuable unit that every online marketer should strive to lay their hands on. Klout is quite good a way to measure your influence through engagement on Twitter. It is also good a means to keep track on your brand performance and to see what influences people’s purchase decisions. With klout, it is easy to create posts that target your audience’s interests’ and by extension achieve greater engagement rate.

Social Mention

If you’re a seasoned online marketer, you probably have heard about this one. Well, Social Mention enables you to mention some 100+ social media sites. The best thing about it is that it takes an in-depth analysis at your stock of data and measures it before categorizing it into 4 distinctive categories: Strength, Passion, Reach and Sentiment.


If you’re a newbie to the world of social media marketing, this is the best tool to start off with. It is relatively easy to use and you don’t require much background knowledge to consume its reports. You simple enter the name you want to track and you get instant feedback. This includes: top 10 keywords matching your search, top rated photos and top-most active ” influencers “.


If you want to get an overall view of how your brand is performing out there, you’ll definitely like using this tool. Addictomatic brings together a variety of platforms such as: Bing News, Google,, Twitter and Flickr. Most importantly, it allows you to keep abreast with the latest events in the industry. It is a fantastic tool to keep track of your brand reputation.


HowSociable is a free tool that allows you to analyze 12 social sites including WordPress and Tumblr. There’s also an allowance to add extra sites – the likes of Pinterest and Facebook – but you’ll need to get a pro for this. The best thing about it is that it allows you to see which social media accounts work best for you for faster decision making.


This tool is available in 20 languages and boasts about 200 million blogs. You can take advantage of this to monitor your blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts and keep up with the latest trends related to your industry.


Just as its name suggests, TweetDeck is a cool tool for rescheduling tweets and monitoring your influence on Twitter. Unfortunately, it does not have regular updates making it prone to bugs.


Formerly called Pinerli, this leading tool is fast becoming a household name in the business circles. The tool is designed to measure image and video effectiveness and is particularly famous for its effectiveness in producing Pinterest analytic. Reachli is quite easy to use.

So, there you have it – the full list of the top 10 free tools for measuring and determining the extent of your social media ups and downs. Be sure to try some of them depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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